My paintings are sensory brews activated by lived experiences. When I was fifteen, I was diagnosed with a disorder that causes my body to produce excess amounts of testosterone. From that moment on, my gendered sense of self was fueled by an interest in how my inherent “manliness” physically and psychologically affects my fluid and visceral understanding of “being a woman.” At times conspicuously and others obscurely, my painting practice confronts my internalization and performance of gender and sexuality.

Grabbing my experiences by the throat, I squish them through my mind’s tactile filter, regurgitating them onto canvas. I experiment with texture, color, form, and the frame to emotionally and humorously embody the sensations that accompany the experiences—inviting viewers to share the goosebumps and itches, the frustrations and climaxes. Painting is my uncensored platform to express and share what I see, feel, hear, smell, and taste to a collective audience, with the goal of expanding my reflections into a larger discussion of gender and sexuality.